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Heide Cussell
Advanced Pranic Healing,  Psychotherapy, Crystal Healing, Psychic Defence, Kriyshakti, Business Management & Pranic Feng Shui.

Leadership Member of Institute of Pranic Healing UK

I became a fully qualified Pranic Healer in 2014, with the Institute of Pranic Healing UK, after a two year illness in my family that could not be helped using the normal methods available.

The illness subsided at an extraordinary rate. My holistic approach to the illness also gathered interest from hospital consultants so others could benefit.

What really matters is that others can be well too, it matters so much that my life, my goals and my future visions are dedicated to ensure that holistic and complimentary care is available to all.

My goal is for accessible integrity complimentary care.

Furthermore, I am a committed and impassioned Arhatic student. I practice advanced yoga and techniques to enhance my spiritual connection and undertake the purification of the physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies. This makes me a better healer and person.

I successfully support both adults and children with a variety of conditions, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Mission statement:

My mission is to empower others to live their best life naturally.

I would like to create community growth by helping to maintain the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and success of local business owners, entrepreneurs, sole traders, ceo's, directors (and the like) so in turn their success grows such that they can employ others within the community.



Looking forward to meeting you,


Heide Cussell

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