Heide is flipping awesome. I've signed up for 12-months with her to get my energy to support what I want to do in my business. I'm only a month in and already seeing significant changes. Heide adapts the healing accordingly and supports you every step of the way. Highly recommend.

Tracey Miller BBB Business Owner

I went to see the lovely Heide out of desperation when my skin was bad. Heide worked on my anxiety and depression and a “negative bond” I shared with my Mum. Since then, I am no longer anxious, a lot happier and my mum and I get on even better than we already did! Brilliant!

Mel Harrison - Osteopath Business Owner

As a newbie to Pranic Healing I was very sceptical and wasn’t sure what to expect but Heide’s approach makes you feel very relaxed and in no way intimidated. She is always there after your treatment to answer questions and to support you through the process. I would definitely recommend her to support individuals and business entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.

Tracey Linden Systems Business Owner

Heide is amazing. No matter what your thoughts or opinions are about healing- a session with Heide releases tension, relaxes and revives. All of this happens in an environment that is relaxed. The best thing for me was chatting....and talking!! Heide can unlock things you didn't know needed unlocking.

H.Davies  Headteacher

I cannot recommend Heide enough as within a week I went from having my right hand in a splint with severe pain and little use to being able to use it almost fully and not take pain relief to manage the discomfort! 

Having severe pains and loss of use in my wrist I visited minor injuries where the medical staff believed that I had a fracture, following x-rays and a visit to the hand fracture clinic I am awaiting further scans to determine the cause of the pain.

Whatever the outcome is as unsure if ligaments, arthritis or another cause, Heide has healed me so I am virtually pain free so I can relax and wait for the investigations and results.

I feel so lucky to have met Heide and feel confident that whatever occurs Heide will work her magic and offer her full, professional support!

E. LB - horse-rider(& many things).

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