Pranic Healing Therapies

Physical Health

Dedicated protocols can help speed up the recovery time with physical pains such as aches from sports injuries and fractures to ailments such as insomnia, back aches, frozen shoulder, arthritis, food allergies and ME/CFS.

A dedicated sports protocol is available for professional sports people, sports and fitness coaches, and amateur competitors. Usually leaves the patient feeling stronger.

Emotional Health

Living life with more clarity and choice can be a decision you actively make by choosing to have those emotional blockages removed. quickly and effectively, without having to re-experience anything. Emotional blockages include stress, anxiety , depression, OCD and even additions to drugs, alcohol and sugar.


Mental Health

Mental Health is now being recognised, after being ignored for too long. Pranic Healing has validated protocols to help reduce the symptoms of PTSD, Paranoia, ADHD, Autism, and even unresolved  anger and trust issues.

            Business, Success, Balance: Success in Business 

Balanced emotions, stable energy & good health, and excellent clarity & focus are what most people in business need to maintain a steady growing company. Without these in our life, your business is at risk of being unable to operate to its best efficiency and therefore affecting your productivity and profits. This highly effective package will suit the individual needs of entrepreneurs, individuals of small businesses or anyone  wanting regular support - knowing someone 'has your back' - to help you to be more able to face challenges head on.  This monthly package is the secret behind many businesses.

Stay on best form so you can stay on top of your business and life. 

Pranic Healing can help in many ways, financially, health, relationships and spirituality. Please send your enquiry to discuss how  Pranic Healing can help you.


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